We are embarking on a truly insane project….

What I want build instead is an open, hackable system that could be uniquely tuned to your own nervous system, rather then some generalized thing. What think would be truly awesome is to expand the scope of it, add a tail, and some other stuff.

It'll take an Arduino ($20-100), an EEG that is compatible with it ($100) and some misc bits and pieces.

Basically it's doable, but not cheep. The more people that get involved though, the higher the chances of us making it a reality, and doing some REALLY cool shit with it.

Then an old psychology experiment occurred to me, where a blind man was given sight (of a kind) by setting up an array of vibrating pins on his back that was attached to a black and white camera. At first, he just had a plate of vibrating pins attached to his back, but after a period of time, he learned to “see” based on these vibrating pins.

Why not work with something similar, like a haptic feedback device that tells you which direction north is? Or some sort of feedback mechanism so you can detect magnetic fields, or infrared light or…. or…

Or how about attaching an SD card to the unit, and storing a record of your brainwaves over a day, and doing some analysis of the results?

This could end up no-where, or we could end up as MotherFucking Cyborgs. But the possibility to learn, and do some super cool interesting stuff really jazzes me up.

To quote one of my heros…

\”> Well Guys, I know what we're going to do today! c”|

It will be awesome.

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