1. Build your own simple mechanical prototype with paper, straw and wire. Even a v0.5 style!
  2. If you aren't building bunny ears, and no one else has made a v1.0 prototype, you should probably do this. Build it and document it here on the wiki!
  3. There are a bunch of listed dimensions for hte servo units.. but is there some house-hold items out there that are the same basic size? Knowing this will make it easier in the various prototype stages. A true mechanical prototype would be easier to build if we knew how big the servos were.
  4. My own servo knowledge is weak. Maybe you know more, and can post on the wiki? Maybe you know an RC enthusiast who can help?


Mechanical Prototye

Materials Required ($0.00, basically)

  • Straw
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • paper
  • tape
  • Coin

Version 0.5

I went with a design that has a bendable joint at the bottom, and one that is bendable half-way up the ear. It's a little more complicated, but It will give me 3 ranges of motion on the ear. It's not realistic by any stretch, but bunnise with their ears half-bent are just so fucking cool.

The coin weighs down the top of the ear, which is held in place by the wire. This wire is fed through a straw, so you can push up and down the ear.

Version 1

Everyone who wants a set of ears should start out with a mechanical prototype like this.

Your prototype should be in exactly the dimensions you want. I built my prototype is too small (which is why it is Version 0.5).

This prototype give you an idea of what pieces have to move, and how that movement will be achieved.

At this stage we can work out the failure mode. If undue stress/strain is put on the ear-set, it makes more sense to have a cheap piece of wood break, rather then a $15 servo.

You'll also be using this prototype when it comes to designing the pattern for your ear coverings.


While you won't need to buy any servos for this prototype, you should at least have a passing understanding how Servos work and what they do. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Servo_(radio_control). If you want to be a superstar, do some servo research, and then report back as to how it might relate to ear movement check the Servos page for more information, and requirements.

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