Bill of Materials

We need a list of basic materials (for a set of startup ears) and what their costs are going to be.

Here is a rough outline:

Item Min Cost Pimped out Notes
Arduino $20 $60 Talk to Jon A about which one you get before just getting it!
EEGReader $100 $100 Even I am not geting the pimped out EEG reader.
Logic Level Converter $2 $2
Servo Controller 0 $20 Possible to do without the servo controller, but talk to me first!
Servos $30 $60 Guess for now. Pimped out servos are stronger
Power Supply Consumer Batteries might be enough
Funfur Cover $0 $20 Price assumes you want funfur and not fleece, and have to buy 1 yard
Total (estimated) $152 $242

This is still on the TodoList, because there are other costs I am unsure about

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