TodoList: A general list of the brainwave states that the Neurosky device can handle would be helpful hear. (wouldn't take too long) Then a deeper explanation of each brainwave and what it means compared to others. etc.

EEG waves and What they mean

The EEG device that we are (probably) using will return us a bunch of numbers, that we will then need to turn into ear movements.

The 8 bands, what they (gnerally mean) should be listed here, and then perhaps some sketches as to how that would translate into ear (and other servo) movements

This todo item has a number of sub-items

  1. The Mindwave device needs to be understood a little better
  2. An understanding of the different bands, and what they really mean according to mood

Some misc goodness

TodoList:A calibration exercise is going to be important if we are going to work with values besides “Attention” and “relaxation”. I know I want to!


* Neurosky are the guys that build this thing.

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