Real Animal Ear Movement Study

This is on the TodoList - This list could be expanded upon, such as more mood→ear correspondences, verification, etc. It maybe could be generalized? I know that Fox should be on this list, and for completeness sake, maybe dog?

Generalized List

Alert Erect and fully forward
Agressive Erect Turned 90 degrees (outward)
Defensive Flat against head
Relaxed Relaxed, and slightly forward


relaxed forward and slightly out
Alert erect and fully forward
Agitated Twitching
Defensive Flat against head


Alert errect and fully forward
Relaxed Flat, loosly against head
Angry Flat against head, stiff


Alert errect and forward
Happy relaxed and forward
Angry Flat against head


Alert errect and forward-facing
Happy relaxed and forward, turned outward slightly
Angry turned outward, opposite directions

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